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2020 Lessons Learned: Captive Insurance And What The Future Likely Holds For Middle-Market Companies

While 2020 may have given us a once in one hundred year event (and, 2021 doesn’t look any better), it also presented several important lessons for business owners to help better prepare for the future, including:

  • Catastrophic Events Can And Will Happen
  • Business Continuity (aka Interruption) Plans Are Critical
  • Insurance Policy Language Is Extremely Important
  • Business Interruption Insurance Often Isn’t Enough
  • Having Access To Sustainable Cash Flow And Liquidity Is Crucial
  • Captive Insurance Could Have Prevented Many Business Closures

Based on the lessons gleaned from 2020, now is the perfect time for business owners and their advisors to proactively integrate a robust risk mitigation strategy to prepare for the next “virtually impossible” Black Swan event.

Join CIC Services on February 24th at 2 p.m. EST as CICS’s Randy Sadler dives into these significant takeaways from 2020 and explores how business owners can better prepare themselves for 2021 and the decade ahead.

CIC social webinar graphic-01

Watch the recording: