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CIC Services is a captive manager and strategist. Since 2005, we’ve been helping small & mid-sized business owners turn their risk into wealth by owning their own insurance company. Scroll down to learn more about our comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management approach.

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Enterprise Risk Management & Captive Insurance Companies:

Their combination benefits everyone!

Small and mid-market businesses are fragile.
Unlike their Fortune 1,000 brethren, they:

•  Lack access to credit and capital markets
•  Are geographically concentrated
•  Have concentrated revenue streams

Which contributes to the fact that:

40% of small businesses affected by natural or human-caused disaster never reopen their doors.*


1/2 of those that do reopen don’t survive past the second year post disaster.*

*Source: Small Business Administration
Represent 99.7% of all employers                                                             
Employ nearly half of all private sector workers
Generated 65% of all net new jobs over the last 17 years
Made up 97.5% of all identified exporters

*According to statistics provided by the Small Business Administration, March 2015.


What is Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

The discipline by which an organization in any industry assesses, controls, exploits, finances and monitors risks from all sources for the purpose of increasing the organization’s short and long-term value to its stakeholders.

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What is a Captive Insurance Company?

A Captive Insurance Company (“Captive”) is a real insurance company created by a business or its owners primarily to provide property and casualty Insurance to affiliated businesses.


Steps to Captive Ownership

Forming and operating a Captive is a complex undertaking. Captives are highly regulated, sophisticated businesses that demand the greatest level of competency from their chosen service providers.

Before undertaking this endeavor, be sure you:

  • Choose the best team of professionals,
  • Choose an appropriate domicile for your captive, and
  • Understand what’s fully involved with forming and operating your captive.

The Good News: CIC Services makes owning and operating your captive simple and turn-key.

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