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Trouble Right Here In River City – The Captive Insurance Presentation To Share With Your Business Owner Clients

In “The Music Man,” there was  a famous quote:

We got trouble! Right here in River City!

We’ve got trouble right here in the U.S. for small and mid-market businesses.  2020 was a disaster and 2021 is looking even worse with continued civil unrest, border chaos, the threat of an over-reaching DOL and other bureaucratic entities, international chaos, unreliable “green energy” as Texas learned the hard way, and impending regulations on businesses and looming tax hikes.

This is an important time for advisors to small and mid-market companies to put on their “part-time CFO” hat to help business clients prepare for the decade ahead.  This includes CPAs, P&C insurance brokers and financial advisors.   This webinar will provide a step-by-step guide to help you introduce captive insurance as a risk management and financial strategy to your small and mid-market business clients.

There is trouble in River City, and owning a captive insurance company is the best strategy for companies to employ to prepare for it.

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