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Covid Survivors, Captives, The IRS And Audits

Should fear of an audit by the IRS stop business owners from protecting their businesses with a captive insurance company? The Covid crisis put many businesses six feet under. If your business survived… Congratulations! However, the next crisis could sink you permanently. But, is your business ready for the next crisis? What could it be? Another pandemic? Global war? Supply Chain interruption? Civil unrest? Cyber? Massive storms? NBC? EMP?

In our last straw poll, we surveyed business owners and asked one simple question. “In the next decade, do you believe the world and your business climate will be more or less crazy.” Not surprisingly, 100% said “more crazy.”

Is there a way to prepare for the next crisis? There is! The IRS doesn’t like it, but there is a way to be ready for the next crisis. And, let’s face it, the IRS cares NOTHING about you, your business, your employees or their livelihoods.

The even better news is that resistance to the IRS and their illegal anti-business practices is intensifying. CIC Services recently beat the IRS 9-0 at the U.S. Supreme Court, and the IRS has recently lost other cases where it abused its power against businesses.

This webinar presentation on captive insurance by Sean King, JD, CPA is a must for middle-market business owners, their C Suite and their trusted advisors (CPAs, Insurance Brokers and Financial Advisors).

Watch the recording:

Covid 19 digital text on calculator screen