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Trusted Captive Insurance Manager

Dave Cochran

Senior Risk Management Consultant

David has over 27 years of experience in the Executive benefits, Employee benefits and estate planning.

David has a vast understanding of Non-qualified executive benefits including deferred compensation, Supplemental executive retirement plans, split-dollar, etc. He helps clients understand why they should use non-qualified executive benefits. How to use them most effectively and how to design the plan to meet not only the executives needs, but the company’s needs and resources as well.

Since 2008, David has specialized in the Captive Insurance Company design and marketing for client’s in the Mid-Atlantic Region. His partnership with CIC Services, Inc. and James Coomes, Attorney, has helped clients control corporate risk, Cash flow, and taxes. David’s experience gives him the ability to evaluate employee benefits as well. These benefits include health insurance, group disability, group life and group long-term care. He helps clients understanding their current company benefits and how to improve those benefits.

David’s expertise doesn’t stop at corporate benefit plans. He has years of experience regarding estate planning. He keeps up with the changing laws and works with clients making sure they are on the right track. Dave educates his clients and is excellent at making complex planning issues into easy to understand concepts.

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