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Trusted Captive Insurance Manager

Bill Rogers, Chartered Financial Consultant, CLU


William J. Rogers II (Bill) graduated from the University of South Carolina-Columbia with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration in 1976. Shortly thereafter he began his financial services career as an agent with MassMutual. Just a few years later he earned his CLU and Chartered Financial Consultant designations from the American College in Bryn Mawr, PA.

In the year 2020, William J. Rogers II (Bill) took advantage of an opportunity to be a part of the firm his friend of over thirty years, Tom King, CLU, began with his son, Sean King, JD, CPA, MAcc, in 2005, CIC Services, LLC.

Tom and Bill served — concurrently — as agency heads in separate cities, Knoxville and Atlanta, for one of the nation’s top financial services firms, MassMutual, and the two were participants in a “performance group” with eight other MassMutual leaders during that time. During his tenure, Bill also served as a senior officer for the company in the capacity of Director of Agencies for the Central Region of the US.

Since his years with MassMutual Bill has been a private investor with concentrations in small public companies and real estate. He also has quite a fondness for making furniture from exotic species of wood from around the globe and turned this hobby into a business, Live Edge Exotics, several years back.

With over forty years of experience helping business owners and professionals, leading high achievers, and running his own businesses, Bill readily exclaims that he is delighted to join such a rare group of top professionals with towering levels of business acumen, very high integrity, and many, many years of helping others.

His roots run deep as he is an eleventh-generation South Carolinian. Bill is a resident of Charleston, SC with his wife of twenty-seven years, Debbie. The couple has two children, Joe, and Caroline, whom they love to spend time with as often as possible.

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