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Webinar: The 60 Day Captive Insurance Countdown And Why It’s More Important Than Ever

Let’s face it. The world has gone mad. And, do you really think things won’t get crazier? The last few years have clearly demonstrated that far more businesses should have been protecting themselves by owning their own captive insurance company.

Businesses clearly needed more insurance and more money, and a captive insurance company is the only strategy that delivers both.

Every year, CIC Services conducts the 60 Day Captive Insurance Countdown, and this year is no exception. In fact, current events would suggest the countdown is more pertinent than ever.

This webinar will discuss the significance of the countdown as we approach 2023 for small and middle-market business owners and their trusted advisors, including P&C Insurance Agents, Risk Managers, CPAs, and Financial Advisors.

This webinar will also discuss the characteristics of businesses and business owners that should consider owning a captive insurance company to protect their business in today’s out-of-control world.

The pandemic and riots forced thousands of businesses into bankruptcy. And, captive insurance companies managed by CIC Services paid out over $15 million in claims while commercial insurance almost never paid for business interruption losses due to Covid and civil unrest and violence.

Now we have war in Europe following America’s embarrassing exit from Afghanistan. And China is saber rattling off the coast of Taiwan. Is it saber rattling? Or, are they really gearing up for an invasion? And, what would the possible impact be on supply chains?

Small and middle-market Business owners (and their trusted advisors) that are surviving or thriving during 2022 should pause and take a hard look at protecting their companies with a captive insurance company now – while they still can. It’s impossible to predict what the next crisis will be, or when it will strike. However, It’s an unmistakable maxim that businesses with more insurance and more money will be on a far stronger footing and better prepared to survive whatever calamity strikes in the years ahead.

Finally, this webinar will explain why successful business owners should not enter 2023 without a captive!


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